It’s all about the tribe

As a busy Aesthetic Entrepreneur you are focused, resourceful and driven.

You know that the most successful businesses are built around a community, not a product and not a service.

You know that by identifying your ideal client, you know the challenges that they face.

Because you know this, you can effectively communicate the problem that you are solving.

Because you do this well, you have built a loyal community of clients who are engaged and connected to you.

And because you have this, you find it very easy to leverage this community into clients.

Or do you?

Growing a community is a fundamental marketing strategy in 2019, and if you are not working towards this then you are missing out on a massive opportunity to grow and stand out.

Let’s look at three different strategies for an offer on a new skincare product that a small clinic could typically take;

1. E-Mailshot

You have a mailing list of 2,000, and you email offers occasionally, so and you send them an enticing offer of 20% off the first order, which will give you a sale of £100. Nothing wrong with this, but you’re relying on them opening, reading and taking action.

Your open rate is less than 10%, therefore your total market for this is 200 people. Often only 1% click through (let’s be generous and say 5%), and 10 people click, and of the 10 that click only one orders. 

The email generated £100

2. Social Media

You have a Facebook page with 2,000 Likes, and you post every day.  You post an enticing offer of 20% off the first order, which will give you a sale of £100. 

You decide to boost the post or create an advert that costs £100, and run for 1 week. 

You get good engagement and 20% view the post therefore your total market for this is 400 people. According to data, the average click through rate for beauty is 1.16% (let’s be generous and say its 5%), and 10 people click, and of the 10 that click only one orders. 

The post generated £0

2. Community Driven

You have a VIP Facebook Group with 200 of your regular clients. You post every day and you Signalled to them 4 weeks ago that you were looking at new products. Because you put a poll in the group, you know that 50 people in your community don’t use SPF, and would be interested in a skincare regime.

You then did a Facebook Live or a video talking about the benefits of using SPF and good skincare, and told them that you were launching a new range, taking pre-orders and they should message you if interested. 

10 message you and you give them an enticing offer of 20% off the first order, which will give you a sale of £100, and a link to pre-order.

Let’s say only 2 of them buy, you got £200 before you even launched it. 

Those 2 then tell the group how amazing it is, and another 6 order..

and so on…

Community is the Aesthetic Entrepreneur way

Truth is not everyone can market this way, it takes time and relies on you fully committing and turning up every day. If you do this there are some major advantages to marketing this way;

Learn how to use Facebook Groups to grow your business

1 It’s fun, you’re talking to like-minded people everyday.

2 You will build strong relationships in a short space of time.

3 You will generate massive amounts of trust

And all of these things lead to increase sales.

engaged community of valued clients who spend with us every month.

You can do the same.

On day Two of the Aesthetic Entrepreneur Get Sh*t Done (GSD) workshop, I will be running a session where I go through, step by step, how to build your own community and generate massive growth. 

Learn about the creation and running of “AE” and how you can use these methods to build your own community of clients.

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