Don’t be a Marketing Muggle!!

Don’t be a Muggle Marketer… Muggle Marketer – blindly copying and pasting content from your suppliers onto your own page.

We are all very busy people, and sometimes it’s really easy to fall into the trap of just “sharing” for the sake of some content to post. It makes us feel like we’re doing a bit of marketing and keeping the promise we made to our business.

However, RCS is always watching!

There is nothing wrong with swiping content, I do it all the time but you would never know?

Why? Because I swipe, internalise and post.

I look at a bit of content, a post or a share and it’s easy to think. “That’s amazing – I’ll nick that”

Don’t do that – you are MUCH better than that.

Think deeper

Why do I like that?

How is it relevant?

What value can it give my tribe?

Only if it gives value will I then use it.

I don’t just steal and post it, I’ll take it in, absorb the key message and then pass it on in my own style and my own way. I will always make sure that I try to name check the person I took the inspiration from and tag them in if I can.

I absorb content from everywhere, Gary Vaynerchuck, Dan Priestley, Dan Meredith and a few others are my kind of go to’s. 

My clients, my coaches, my family, my kids are another rich source.

Steve Jobs I believe once said that “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”. I don’t think you need to do either anymore, just collect, curate and commentate.

Build your own spell book!

What about you? Are you a collector or a swiper?

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