Why overthinking kills your mojo

I want to talk to you about a couple of things that I think are really kind of derailing your sales and marketing activity. 

Overthinking things. 

We’ve been working hard with our Entrepreneurs Club clients to create marketing campaigns, and the big thing that I’m noticing is EVERYONE is overthinking, over complicating, and adding too much complexity into what can be a relatively simple thing to do.

Is this resonating with you? 

I’m a fan of simplicity. 

Some would say it’s because I have a tiny brain, yet I prefer to think of it, is that the simpler something is, the more likely it is to actually be carried out, be completed, be repeated, be understood and be measured. 

Complex plans very rarely get implemented and It’s implementation which is the key, the difference between having an “almost” business, and having a really good one. 

It’s just all about the implementation. 

Are you overthinking your marketing plans? 

I think there is a simple way to know whether something’s being over thought. 

Can you explain it to a six year old? 

I have a house full of children and if I can explain what I’m trying to do to Toby, my Seven year old I know that I’m there or thereabouts.

Overthinking is killing everything that you guys are doing, killing it all dead. Because, you get caught up in the planning as opposed to the point of what this is all about, which is the just fucking do it. 

You’re trying to make everything perfect. It’s never perfect, prolific beats perfect every time.

I don’t tend to overthink, I have the opposite which is called Magpie Syndrome, where I’m off to see everything shiny. I have to plan quite meticulously and hold myself accountable to the plan. Therefore plan has to be relatively simple, because if it’s not simple, gets too complicated, I’ll get bored, my mind will wander and all of a sudden I’m doing something else. 

I look back and think, “shit, I haven’t done that thing yet”. It’s just… that’s the curse of a magpie.

I think for the medical aesthetics area, you’re very detail oriented. You’re thinking perhaps maybe this should be harder than it actually is and it’s not. It’s just, start thinking about marketing and starting conversations with people, building relationships and converting those relationships into sales. I say that quite often. Dig into that a little bit and it’s the right message to the right people, the right number of times will get a result.

Why are you procrastinating?

For many it’s the fear of getting it wrong. 

There is no wrong. It’s just different. Not doing is wrong. Procrastination is the thief of time, the time spent sitting and planning, and over planning and going through it again and getting it into nice little columns and justify left. Then changing the colour and then making sure that they’re all in the same font and then printing it out and then pinning it up on the wall and then getting the pen out and then writing on it and then doing everything you possibly can, but doing the bloody video, that’s overthinking, procrastination some would call it. 

I call it over… It’s just overthinking it. 

By the time you come to do the vid, you’re completely blown out. 


Do the video, put it onto youtube, share it on Facebook, put it, get it transcribed. Pop that as a blog. Email that out to your client base, link them to the videos. 

They can watch the video if they want, with a really nice call to action which says, for more information, click here. Job Done. 

What’s going to go wrong? Worst case thing is no one clicks. Okay, it is that the worst thing that can happen? 

The worst thing that can happen is no one clicks and then you feel like a failure because it didn’t work. 

Why didn’t it work? 

Were you targeting the right client base with the right message?

If you’re trying to sell something to the wrong type of person, then it’s not going to connect. They’re not going to respond to it. It’s not going to resonate. They’re not going to click and you’re going to feel like you failed when actually what you got wrong was the message or right message, wrong person. So you go back. Have a look at it again. 

Then no problem. 

Try again. One Click, Yay, we’re more successful. Cool. What can I do to get that to two clicks? Try again. Three. 

Then you’re been successful, but until you do this shit its just going to sit there as a really nice drawing or plan on your wall of your office that’s put there to make you feel better, but in fact if you turn that into actual activity and stop overthinking it and just fucking do it, it can turn into money.

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