The Key 3 Challenges Aesthetic Businesses Face

Founder of The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs, Richard Crawford-Small, has been a sales and marketing consultant and coach in the medical aesthetic and beauty sector for the past 15 years. AE have fostered their clients to drive more engaging communication with their own customers and to strengthen their relationships with them.

Here’s Richard’s blog about the key challenges that aesthetic businesses face:

Highlighted Common Challenges and Issues 

I have noted several, similar key issues and challenges that our clients approach us with in regards to sales: generating new business and attracting new clients. Medical aesthetics is a highly demanding sector in regards to marketing and sales, due to the sheer mass of competition across the industry which revolves around immense price pressure. Aesthetic businesses are generally owned by those with limited knowledge and understanding of marketing theory, meaning that they are poorly equipped in order to deal with the price pressure, which can encourage them to coward away from the notion of upselling. 

In addition to this, many aesthetic business owners are often ‘nurturers’, which comes hand-in-hand with feeling uncomfortable about putting themselves out there and selling themselves, which typically causes them to hide behind their web content – which, sometimes, isn’t an accurate representation of themselves or their business. On the flip-side to this, the extroverts usually achieve rapid success, but this can induce disorganisation with an obvious lack of systems in place, which leads to stress in many cases.

 How We Can Help Your Aesthetic Business Drive Sales

Here at The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs, we have devised a plethora of services to aid aesthetic businesses to learn how to attract and resonate with their target market; if your clients trust you to solve their problems for them, you’ll never have to sell anything in your life.If would like to find out how we can help you drive sales and up your marketing game in aesthetics, get in contact with us today. If you would like to hear me discussing these key challenges in more detail, watch the video below.

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