Your Client’s Don’t Want To Be Sold To – They Want You To Solve Their Problems

Richard Crawford-Small hosted a live Facebook broadcast to field the questions of those who have just started out in the medical aesthetics industry; whether they’ve launched their own business or they have finished their training and want to know how to get to the aforementioned point.

Richard has worked in sales and marketing for 25 years (15 of those in the medical aesthetics industry). Having worked with anything from and in between small practices and multi-site clinic chains, Richard is equipped with an abundance of knowledge surrounding sales, marketing and brand positioning within the medical aesthetics industry. The underlying message of this live video is: SOLVING YOUR CLIENT’S PROBLEMS WILL GENERATE SALES.

Solving Your Client’s Problem

You need to understand and appreciate how people buy rather than swamping them with as much advertising as possible. When you first walk into a shop, you don’t want to be immediately fired at with questions; you typically browse around first and then ask questions or assistance. Your clients need time to decide on their perception of the product, and then they will approach you querying how you can solve their problem.

People Don’t Want To Be Sold To

Despite how much advertising you put out, people initially want you to solve their problems for them, so you need to understand what the problem is, how to solve it – and most importantly, build trust. Your clients need time to make a decision and by doing this, you need to build a bond of trust with them from the very beginning. We do this by sparking up conversations, generating discussion about how you will approach any concerns, then build a relationship with your patient which, ultimately, will convert into a sale. Create such a level of trust that your clients will open up and invite you in to solve their problems for them.

How Are You Going To Solve Their Problems?

This is where you delve into acknowledging what you’ve got in your toolkit to help solve your client’s problems. You highlight your experience, what skills you have to offer and how you have achieved the desired results for other patients, as well as outlining your area of expertise.

If you would like to watch the full video of me discussing this topic in more detail and answering the resounding questions of those starting out in the medical aesthetics industry, check it out here:

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