How To Restore Your Confidence And Sense Of Value

Founder of Aesthetic Entrepreneurs, Richard Crawford-Small, is a self-taught marketer with 25 years of experience in the industry, who has launched his own business, Aesthetic Entrepreneurs. Aesthetic Entrepreneurs offers guidance to those who are just starting out in the aesthetic medicine industry and their marketing.

Richard hosts regular Facebook live broadcasts to discuss relevant subjects in regards to marketing and fields the questions of those tuned in.

The Aesthetic Medicine Conference 2019

At the end of June, I attended the Aesthetic Medicine Conference 2019 held in Manchester. I came across many of those who had just came out of practicing in the NHS or who were in the beginning stages of launching their aesthetics career. A very common insecurity I identified across this group of people were issues with their confidence and being unable to recognise their own sense of value. After working in the NHS, you’re stepping out into an environment that is commercial, means it’s a lot harder to get where you need to be if you have a very low sense of personal value.

Your Transferable Skills From Working In The Health Service

Nurses and doctors are altruistic by nature, meaning that their transferable skills such as compassion, engagement with patients and a great bed-side manner are spot on for establishing relationships with their clients. These traits are what will build a bond of trust with your clients; you will initiate conversations, explaining to them how you will solve their problems – which comes from showcasing your skills and abilities – and will ultimately convert into sales. Compare it to how you would treat a patient: you guide them through every detail of the procedure/treatment, making every detail transparent, and how this will rectify their conditions. Remember: People don’t want you to sell to them, they want you to solve their problems, so what do you have to offer them?

How Aesthetic Entrepreneurs Can Restore Your Sense Of Value

My aim is to restore your lost sense of value. Aesthetic Entrepreneurs is all about reigniting your awareness of the skills and talents that you have in your arsenal. Recognising what you have to offer lays the foundation for your marketing. Before you attempt to sell anything, you must establish trust and a relationship with your client which stems from recognising your value and having trust in yourself.

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