Over the course of December, I want to give you an informative break-down of the modules you will be expected to cover throughout your Launchpad experience (to quickly brief yourself on Launchpad, you can check out my previous blog talking all about it, here). This 5-week training course will nurture you with all the guidance and knowledge to successfully launch your aesthetic business off the ground and make it sky-rocket. So, in this week’s blog, I will walk you through what Modules 1 and 2 will entail!


As you may have heard me say before, my mantra is: If your clients trust you to solve their problems, you will never have to sell anything in your life ever.
It is absolutely crucial to building a solid bond of trust with your clients – and I’m about to tell you why. 

This initial module sets the foundation of how to initiate conversations with your target clients, establish relationships with them and ultimately, convert these bonds of trust into sales.  Marketing is essentially telling effective stories. The quality of your stories directly affects the quality of your marketing. These stories are devised to initiate a conversation with our ideal clients, making it the gateway to showcase what you specialise in, earning their trust and generating a sale. So the topics we’ll be delving into are:

  • Stimulating conversations from effective stories
  • Building relationships with your target demographic
  • How to form a successful exchange between trust and sales


Module 2 is all about planning, mind-mapping, brainstorming, list-making, the lot. Strategy and planning can sound incredibly laborious, but the importance of it is that it’s the key to your future. Without some kind of plan, your direction is hazy and you will most likely miss hitting the target of your goals. 

I can’t stress enough that it’s better to have a very rough outline of a plan, than no plan in place at all. It is very common for medical aesthetic practitioners to approach their marketing with no in-depth understanding of who their target client is, resulting in them feeling incredibly overwhelmed – so this is why you need to give yourself some strategy and direction. So, in this second module, we will really hone in on who your target demographic is by digging into (and planning!) the following topics: 

  • Who your target client is
  • What problems they have
  • What goals they have
  • How YOU are going to help solve those problems and achieve those goals

Keep an eye out for my next blog which will cover modules 3 and 4 of Launchpad!

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