GSD Podcast Episode 4 – Financial independence with Jason Graystone

The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs GSD Podcast is the No. 1 podcast for Aesthetic & Beauty business owners who want to “Get Stuff Done” and become the entrepreneurs that the world needs them to be.

Featuring special guest Jason Graystone, Episode 4 of the GSD Podcast is absolutely crammed full with simply unmissable content, including valuable insights, inspiring story-telling and proven, expert advice amongst much, much more.

Prepare to have your mind blown as your individual preconceptions about money are changed forever.

Jason Graystone

Jason Graystone started his first business at the age of 22 and has since built and run multi-million-pound businesses in both the service sector and online.

Before he turned 30, Jason had achieved financial independence and is driven to help others achieve that same goal through education and coaching.

As well as coaching, Jason is a professional investor, trader and co-founder of Tier One Trading, a content delivery platform providing expert analysis and trading education.

Episode 4 – The Secret To Financial Independence

Aesthetic Entrepreneurs’ Richard Crawford-Small tells of how he once believed that to be financially independent you needed to own your home and have a bank account full of money amongst many other assets – that was until he began listening to Jason Graystone’s amazing “Always Free” podcast and in Richard’s own words: “It’s fair to say that it actually challenged pretty much all of my preconceptions around what financial independence actually was”.

Jason informs listeners of how Financial Independence, not to be confused with Financial Freedom, is the first stage and involves being able to generate an income big enough to cover your living expenses regardless of the “four P’s”. This first stage however is not sustainable because it still requires and depends on you. The second stage is Financial Freedom which involves being able to generate an income big enough to cover your living expenses regardless of the “four E’s”, and this is sustainable forever. Learn the P’s and E’s in detail within Episode 4.


Time is wealth and the formula for Financial Freedom (the crucial objective) is Liquid Assets divided by Living Expenses minus Leveraged Income.

Other key points featured through Episode 4 include: the importance of delegation, taking control and challenging the status quo, start focussing and start creating, invest in yourself and Jason Graystone’s biggest obstacle people place in the way to Financial Independence.

A huge thank you to Jason for joining us for Episode 4, renowned for his transparent approach and natural ability and willingness to share his knowledge, it is always a pleasure to share a room with him. You can catch up and keep up with the Aesthetic Entrepreneurs GSD Podcast, don’t forget to share with fellow entrepreneurs and subscribe for tips, insight and stories.


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