I’ve been asked a couple of times recently about how to build an engaged Facebook community.
It’s an incredibly powerful way of building leads and driving a business.
How did Aesthetic Entrepreneurs become the kick-ass world it is?
Well, it takes time and a lot of energy, but here’s what my top tips for building your Facebook group.

Have a plan
You need to start with an idea of what you want your community to be. 
That begins with you. What are your vision/values?

What do you stand for?

Do some work on your Avatar first to identify what type of people you have, what problems they have and what you can do to help them. 
Something will jump out, and that can form the basis of your “thing”.

Create a “thing”
Aesthetic Entrepreneurs connects people with a similar mindset, choose one of the key elements in your vision/values and build a community around that. 

Warm it up 
Add some key clients, friends, suppliers, colleagues and talk to them, add some videos and resources for people to engage with. Think of it like a party, you want to get the tunes on and a few people enjoying themselves before the bulk of your guests arrive. These founders/early members are worth their weight in gold. Choose wisely, share the goal and make them part of the story. 

Add value, don’t try to sell
You CAN commercialise a Facebook group, but don’t use it as a place to just sell. Remember you are building relationships with your community, and solving problems. If you just try to sell to everyone the group will collapse. 
If you are giving value, people will reach out to you anyway.

The more niche the better, numbers are just vanity.
Who would have thought that there were 1000 people who would be interested in being an Aesthetic Entrepreneur?
164 people are in the Fruit Sticker Appreciation Society group. You can build a community around the most obscure things, and it seems the more niche, the more engagement!.

Turn up everyday
The quickest way to kill your group, is for you to just not show up. Your group is a key part of your business strategy, and it needs work. Fortunately there is a well trodden path to create engagement – ask questions, add value, get people to share their story. 

Share your story.

The easiest way to achieve that is for you to open up and share yours. 
Share the winsShare the failuresBe humanBe authentic
This is key, don’t neglect this.

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