Facebook Live – How I Went From £0 to 6 Figures in 12 Months

I was nearing the end of my family holiday in France when I realised something that took me by surprise – it was something that had happened since a certain something was created twelve months before this.

I decided to use Facebook Live to share with my fellow entrepreneurs what I had achieved, the impact it has had and why it has worked.

The creation I’m referring to is that of Aesthetic Entrepreneurs (AE).

We created a Facebook group into which I posted my live videos and, it is no exaggeration to say that this decision, this ‘thing’ I did, changed my life. It completely changed my life.

There is a lot of value in this – for all of us and a lot we can learn from it.

Looking back, I’m thinking “how the hell did that happen?” “How did it go from where I was to here, talking to you?”

The Facebook Group

The Facebook group was originally called ‘The Shirtless’. But here’s a little tip: if you’re going to create a Facebook group, make sure it has some relevance to what you’re talking about, otherwise you’ll get all sorts of weirdos trying to join. My personal favourite was ‘Hans The Bondage Master’, so yeah, The Aesthetic Entrepreneurs was born.

It’s been an amazing journey, you know. To get fifty plus people in the group was really exhilarating – and now we have well over a thousand, it’s crazy!

The reason this group worked in those early days is because I didn’t sell. I didn’t want to sell because that’s what killed my previous two groups – you try and sell, people aren’t interested!

I wanted to create a nice, safe environment where people could talk and share experiences and it was great to have the people that I knew, respected, and could potentially work with, in one space – it was awesome!

I think there are eight things, or tips if you like, responsible for helping me to go from where I was to where I am – from zero to six figures in twelve months.

Relearn, Regroup, Refocus

“The thinking that created the situation cannot be the thinking that solves it.”

I had to change my perception on things and had to turn my hand to something very, very quickly. I had not fully appreciated or understood my customers’ problems and had not spent enough time and energy in trying to understand them – I thought and believed that I knew, but knowing is better than believing, so I had to go back and relearn my craft, truly understanding what it was that the aesthetic market in the UK, you guys, struggled with – what was the problem? You must have a PHD in your clients’ problems.

Be REALLY Good At Something

I’m REALLY good at this – coaching, supporting, developing, mentoring, growing people, growing businesses, sales and marketing – I’m really good at all of this, better in fact than I am at most other things.

“Double-down on what you’re good at.”

Play to your strengths – that is what you have to do. Get rid of the weaknesses – in my case, the admin.

How did I get that insight? I asked – I put a post out simply asking: “If I was to have a superpower, what would you say it is?” Most of the feedback said ‘honesty’ – that I was very honest. Honesty works within this environment.

What is it that you are REALLY good at?

I know that there is a lot I need to learn to be better but I am constantly learning.

Find A Coach/Mentor

Find and get a coach or mentor. I have a few and they’re all different people, from different walks of life, with different skills and different ideas.

Look at your own network – who is in there that could help you? Get coached, get mentored and ask lots and lots of questions!

Free advice is accessible but it does have limited value. When you pay people, the value is massive and when you find the right coach or mentor, it can literally stick a rocket up your arse and turbocharge your business – it’s the best investment you can make in yourself!

Have A Plan

A shit one will do, but just make sure you have a plan! Why is a shit plan better than no plan? Because even if your plan is utter rubbish, you’ll get an outcome – perhaps not the one you want but, if that’s the case, you now know that and can dissect it – look at what aspects weren’t great and change the plan.

If you don’t have a plan at all, you are literally just winging it, and it’s exhausting! Yes, you’ll get something right at some point – but it’s a complete fluke and you won’t know why or how it worked.

Have a plan – it doesn’t need to be a full-on, in-depth business plan – just have an understanding of what you are going to do!

I focus on two things when planning.

The first is ORBIT – Objective, Resource, Buy-In, Implementation and Test:
Objective – What is it you want to achieve?
Resource – What are the resources required to achieve your objective?
Buy-In – Have you got buy-in? Ask those around you – coaches, mentors etc. – do they think it’s a good idea?
Implementation – How are you going to implement your plan?
Test – Know that it’s been successful.

The second part of my planning involved creating a Project 365 and it was the recreation of me. To learn more, and to create your own Project 365, apply to join The Aesthetics Entrepreneurs Facebook group here.

Create The Environment To Succeed

If you’re going to do or be something, own it!

There’s a tendency to make excuses for failure when you haven’t even tried – dig into it, whatever it is you are going to do, and be the king or queen of it!

You cannot create the environment to succeed if you do not have content.

Instead of asking questions about your website and SEO, create some content! Posts, blogs and videos are such an effective way of accessing your target audience – just do it!

Content. Content. Content.

Write A Book

If you can do it, write a book – it’s a total game-changer!

“The book that changes your life is the one that you write” – I was told that and it’s so true!

I’m exceptionally proud of my book ‘Changing Faces’, which I wrote quite some time before the birth of Aesthetic Entrepreneurs. However, it wasn’t until the creation of AE that suddenly, the book became relevant – it changed my life, gave me credibility and put my story out there.

Write a book if you can!

Show Up

You have to show up – it’s so important! How can you be moaning about your business if you’re not turning up to represent it?

I know it’s daunting and scary, but that’s just the way it is and you MUST show up!

Relax, Manage The Anxiety, Back Yourself

I know that if I’m tired, stressed or grumpy then I can’t be creative.

For me, success is the best way to manage my anxiety. Getting to the gym and having trust in my abilities also help – it involves a combination of tactics and you have to get it right.

How I went from £0 to six figures in a year sounds like one of those bullshit adverts that you see – but I did it.

What’s going to happen in the next twelve months? I’m going to back myself and double-down, really double-down, and help more people to solve their problems whilst solving my own as well.

Simple, that’s it, that’s what I did – those eight things.

Do you want help with any of these things in order to grow your aesthetics business? Launchpad and Entrepreneurs Club will help you – they will help you to get whatever it is that you need to get!

Everyone in our group has shared in and been part of it. It has been wonderful and I’m incredibly proud – I hope you all are too!

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