(And one incredible reason why 10 of you will smash lockdown)

In business, when you are faced with a real challenge there are only ever three things you can do;
1. Do nothing

2. Do a bit

3. Do a lot

You need to decide which is right for you.
Doing nothing is an option, but the problem is there is no such thing as nothing. You might feel like you are standing still, but the world is still moving, so even under lockdown you can fall back.
Doing something might be better than nothing. At least you are taking action. However doing “stuff”, posting without a plan and you’ll only get so far.

So do a lot.

So, without further ado, allow me to present… the home truths.

“People really don’t care about you, they literally only care about themselves.”

Planning, strategy, preparation, goal-setting. Take a strategic approach to your business, and look at this as the opportunity it is. You don’t need to put the world back together the way it was, change it.
Make it better, there are lots of things that will not be the same after this;
🚀The way you are trained

🚀The way you consume information 

🚀The way you are sold to

🚀The way that you sell to others

🚀The way you impart knowledge

🚀The organisations you belong to

You might have already seen changes occurring around you, what are you changing? These are the decisions that will help you in 2021. Yes there will be a recession, but it could be relatively short-lived, and how will you take advantage of that opportunity?
These are the things we focus on in our elite coaching group. The Entrepreneurs Club.
It’s a very special community, and includes some of the most focused and driven members of AE. They are doing more than just “a lot”.

They are ripping up trees and rebuilding their businesses like you wouldn’t believe. 

I coach this group to the absolute best of my ability, I give them EVERYTHING that I have learnt, everything I am learning and everything I will learn about

✅ Setting Goals

✅ Creating Plans

✅ Defining Cultures

✅ Building a Community

✅ Maximising opportunities

✅ Generating Revenue

Yes they are my clients but they come to my birthday party, they know my family, so I also count them as my friends. 
I asked them what advice would they give to someone thinking about joining.

“The only regret will be you wish you’d joined sooner! It’s opened my eyes to marketing materials that I didn’t know existed & has given me the confidence to be brave! – DO IT.”

“You have all the potential to be the best, but you won’t be if you’re not in the right environment. Club is the environment that translates potential into brilliance”

“Being in club gives you confidence, it pushes you out of your comfort zone into the winning zone!”

“It keeps you motivated, on target and forces you to do the things that you know you should be doing but you keep putting them off coz frankly you don’t have the balls to do it  😁”

“Do you want the edge over your competitors & for all of your sacrifices to have been the best thing you’ve ever done? Then becoming a member of Club is an absolute no brainer! 👊”

“The support and family feel is amazing! Everyone has the same goals and there’s no dicks 😁”

“My advice is even if you know it’s maybe not the best time due to other commitments, sign up anyway and get all the help and support you need and get through the modules at your own pace until you have the time to commit fully 👍”

“I’d say they can’t afford not to invest… I’m more than happy to chat on the phone to anyone who’s unsure if to join… this last month of being in club has increased my confidence, stopped my losing my shit in the current climate.. given me tools to keep money coming into the business and finally I’ve met some lovely people in here”.          

“If you want to fast track your business, this is the club for you.  And you will find the most supportive, hilarious members to engage with on a daily basis.”

(These guys love being part of Club, ..

#clubtillIdie is an actual thing).
Why do I think you should join?
Because you get forced to be successful. 
Because you get a SHITLOAD of value.

Because you get access to EVERYTHING we do, online courses Platinum, Re-Launchpad, daily coaching, WhatsApp group, Facebook Group, priority on events, messenger access to me, and hugely discounted 121 coaching packages. Because during this COVID-19 lockdown I’ve helped many of you to stay sane, to grow, to actually make some money, and ensure that you have a business to go back to. That little tip I gave you on booking clients in now and taking a deposit worked out nicely didn’t it?

Some have made more money locked down than they did opened. If we can achieve all of this now, imagine what we are going to be doing once lockdown has been lifted?
If one of my clients set up shop near you, it’s game over. You don’t want one of them in your manor, they will out-think, out-work and out-sell you every day of the week. 

I know this because I’m coaching them how to do it. The bar is generally pretty low, so it’s not complicated. 
That’s how I earn money for myself, I help you make the money to pay me. Think about that, even now, in lockdown I’m still getting paid, because making YOU all successful is what I do, and I’m VERY good at it.

The Entrepreneurs Club is very, very special community and you need to be a bit special to join.
❌No bullshit

❌No messing around

❌No fake wins

❌No ego

Just fun and success!

Now here comes the incredible reason why 10 of you will SMASH lockdown.
I’m opening up club for a MAXIMUM of 10 new members in May.

Why only 10? 

So you get the best of me. I could open in up to 20 or 30, but you would not get the focus you need.
That’s not my way. 
We will work very closely together, you might even become a friend, which is why entry to The Entrepreneurs Club is by application and interview ONLY. 
If you want to be a part of something that will be push you hard, but WILL make you to achieve your goals, then complete the application form and we will book an interview time for you. 


Applications close 10PM 10th May

Interviews W/C 11th May

The obvious one is how much does it cost?
(Far less than it should do I can assure you of that). 
It SHOULD be £999 enrolment fee and £249 per month 
It SHOULD be £3,987 tax-deductible for 12 months, with VAT £4,784.

Some of you will be in a position to easily afford that, some of you might have to stretch a bit, and a few of you might have to sacrifice a few nights out.

But for some it’s totally out of reach, and especially at the moment, it’s you guys I’m keen to help. You see, it’s not all about the money, it’s about building amazing businesses and inspiring people.

So I’m going to skip the £999 and let you join for the £249PM.
Panicky reptile-brain says “Oh, it’s still a lot of money”. 
I say, no, it’s not actually. 
Not for the results you’ll get. 

Skip the twice weekly £10 bottle of wine, and the subscription to the useless organisation that has done nothing for you and you are pretty much there.
Reptile brain still being a dick?

That little bit of fear means you’ll put the effort in to make it work, you’ll graft to get that return. 
Put some work in, back yourselves, grow a pair, step up and allow yourself to be successful.

Only 10 of you will be accepted, that’s it. 

The next time I open the doors, lockdown will be over, the enrolment fee is back, the Club elite are making corn and this opportunity will have passed you by. 

Don’t let the reptile rule you. 

Apply now and join the Elite – https://richardcs.typeform.com/to/xFwcBN

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