How has Lockdown 2020 worked for you?

As we in the UK begin to emerge from our lockdown period – how has it been for you?

I’m not bragging, but I LOVE this photo of me.Photo 1 was taken on 23rd March fitness session.We were on a mission to drop 10kg in 12 weeks. I hated that photo, I look like I’ve swallowed a Spacehopper. 
I look at this photo and I’m incredibly proud.
I see the focus, consistency and discipline I needed to not only change my body and business, but also to help my clients.
I made a conscious decision at the end of March to come out of this better than I went in.
It’s been a pretty shit time, but all we can do is focus on our part of the world, our mission.
We have been given an amazing opportunity
Stay in = total control over your environment.
I’m blessed that I live in the UK, where we have free healthcare. It’s under stress, so stay in. I’m ex-Navy, so staying is basically like being back at Sea with TV and a garden. It meant that I was not out, travelling, on the road, tempted by all the crap food that I’d thrown at us every day. We had Sainsbury’s delivery, we had Gousto.
We have control. This we must retain.
No more travelling for speculative meetings = reflection on the business and what is and isn’t working.
I work from home most of the time anyway, but travel to client meetings burn time and money. The aesthetic sector has shut down, so no need to travel, but I’ve realised how much time and money I was burning.
Digital, digital and some more digital.
Q3 I was planning to ramp up my online courses and learning system, to create a digital platform that provides amazing value for our members. We were running the business using other people’s software, and I wanted an asset that collated all our amazing content, and made it easy for our clients to find. A combination of collaboration with some amazing new partners, more time and the Bounce Back Loan, meant I could bring that forward and do Q2 and Q3 projects at the same time. Now rather than build in Q3/Q4 to launch in 2021, we have moved ourselves 6 months ahead and will LAUNCH our new online platform in August
People, people, people 
Having decided I was going to use it in the best way I possibly could and rebuild myself and my business. I wanted to bring as many with me as I can. My clients have stepped up, focused and delivered some incredible change for themselves, their businesses and their own families. 
2020 has been an incredible year for lots of reasons, and for some it’s been one filled with negativity and challenges. I’ve never felt more blessed than I do now, not everyone was as lucky, and I feel that deeply.
We don’t have to put the world back the way it was, and actually, we have a responsibility to those who didn’t make it to ensure we don’t. Let’s make it better.
All we can do is focus on our part of the world and our own mission, and my mission is to help as many people as I can achieve their goals.
What is your mission?
Get onboard –  contact us.

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