Launchpad: What You Need To Know

Designed for aesthetic businesses that need a bit of structure Launchpad is structured to deliver expert advice and support to aspiring aesthetic entrepreneurs to help them to get off the ground.


A 5-week online course that covers all of the fundamental elements needed to successfully launch and grow your own individual aesthetic business, Launchpad provides access to a level of support and insight that has not previously been available to aspiring entrepreneurs and will allow you to overcome three key challenges.

3 Key Challenges

Of course, we all face our own unique challenges. However, there are three key challenges that our clients often present to us: Dealing With Price Pressure, Fear Of Selling and Feeling Overwhelmed.

Dealing With Price Pressure
It’s a very competitive marketplace and with that comes a lot of “price pressure”. In general, aesthetic business owners don’t have a background in sales and marketing and therefore, understandably, find dealing with price pressure to be a real challenge.

Fear Of Selling
One of the most dominant personality types within the aesthetics industry is the Nurturer. The fear of selling presents a challenge to those professionals who are mainly introverted and don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there.   

Feeling Overwhelmed
The more extraverted professionals amongst us can actually become quite successful relatively quickly. However, this is often all very disorganised with few, or no, systems in place. The sense of feeling overwhelmed is a result of these people becoming consumed by working in their business, rather than on their business.

Launchpad helps our clients overcome and solve their problems and face these challenges, as well as a series of others, head-on.

Launchpad will help you to resonate with your target market, because if your clients trust you to solve their problems for them, then you’ll never have to sell, ever.

After Launchpad

The options after Launchpad depend entirely on you.

The Platinum Programme is an intensive business accelerator and, simply put, the most comprehensive and practical aesthetic business programme on planet Earth.

Those who display the right mindset and aptitude through Launchpad will be invited to join the Entrepreneurs Club – our invitation-only coaching group.

Get Out Of Your Own Way And Become The Entrepreneur The World Needs You To Be

Stop thinking and start doing with Launchpad!

Join Launchpad and book your one-to-one with Richard Crawford-Small today to learn just how Launchpad can help your business.

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