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empower Aesthetic Entrepreneurs to build successful businesses

Our vision is to empower Aesthetic Entrepreneurs to build successful businesses by inspiring the human behind them. What became very clear was that help in sales and marketing was what my tribe wanted, (which was fortunate), and help to manage that sense of overwhelm that they often feel. I love to simplify things, partly down to my primitive tiny brain and marketing to me is all about solving problems, creating conversations, building meaningful relationships and converting those relationships into sales.

If you do that effectively, you don’t have to sell anything. So when that hit me, I realised I needed to create a sales funnel for myself and my business, but also to help create them for others, so that’s what I did. Aesthetic Entrepreneurs was an overnight success, 15 years in the making. It’s hundreds of different threads, notes, ideas all finally getting airtime. It’s me finally being me, and the lessons learnt from working on some pretty high-level stuff.

What is entrepreneurship?

That’s a fantastic question, and, if I’m honest, I think it’s an individual answer. The dictionary definition basically put is someone who creates an enterprise to solve a previously unmet need and I guess that is part of it, but it’s not a description that excites me or encapsulates all that being an entrepreneur means.

Is an entrepreneur someone who gets up at 4:30am and works hard and wills that business into existence? Yes, sometimes it is.

Is it someone who is a talented artist, skilled at creating gifts and greeting cards and sets up a shop selling those cards online? Yeah, it’s that too.

Is it the American tech entrepreneur who creates a multi-billion dollar business in less than five years? Yeah, it is that too.

It’s all of those things. Hopefully, this book contains insights that will for everyone at whatever level of entrepreneurship they may be at, because ultimately we’re all on the same journey, walking the entrepreneurial pathway that we hope ends in success.

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What’s your definition of success?

Now, that begs another question. What’s your definition of success?

I’m still not entirely sure what mine is, to tell you the truth. It used to be one thing but then I had a small glimpse of what that would look like and I took a step back from it. Just the same as my journey in The Royal Navy when my goal, my vision of success, was to get a commission, to become an Officer. I got a small glimpse of what that would be like and decided it wasn’t for me. My whole focus from the age of five had been on that one goal, to become a Naval Officer, and when I got closer to having to make decisions that would take me down that path, I decided I didn’t want it anymore, I wanted something else. I’ve been kind of winging it ever since.

This is something I’ve never really managed to work out. I’ve often felt as though I’m drifting, making it up as I go and trying to make sense of it all. I used to think that everyone else had it all together and was totally “on it”. They’re not. Everyone is making it up as they go. Everyone. And if they tell you any different, then they are telling some serious porky pies. So, if everyone is making it up as they go, then surely that is the natural state of things, the way the universe actually works. Chaotic, fluid, evolving.

We’re learning new things about our existence all the time, so it stands to reason that we should continue to evolve our knowledge and learn about ourselves. We should continue to strive, never become the finished article, and we should always be moving, and evolving.

This is why I created Aesthetic Entrepreneurs – to support you and help you become what the world needs you to be.

Don’t let me down.

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