Hayley's Story

Meet Hayley Jones.

Hayley is the Sales & Marketing Director of Lynton Lasers, an incredible UK based manufacturer of high-end lasers.

What was the problem?

As the Sales and Marketing Director, Hayley leads a team, and is responsible for the creation and implementation of the Sales & Marketing strategy.

To be a leader is to have a strong pulse on the latest developments and opportunities in the field and formulate an opinion on how to approach them. As a business-owner you’re always trying to give clarity and structure to your team but sometimes it’s hard to give clarity and structure to yourself!


What we did

Hayley has been leading the sales and marketing for Lynton Lasers for about five or six years now and I’ve been using Richard as my business coach for the last year, and he has helped me so much in crystallising my thoughts, my strategy, the business plan, gives incredibly good advice, really good practical advice as to things like your target audience, identifying your target audience, launching new products, just helping you with focus and dealing with overwhelm and a variety, really, of lots of different things. So, thank you, Rich. I think you’ve done an amazing job coaching me this year. I’m looking forward to having you as my permanent business coach and looking forward to seeing what we can do together.

What was the impact?