Richard Crawford-Small, Founder Aesthetic Entrepreneurs

How did you get into the Aesthetics business?

“In summary, I fell into aesthetics totally by accident. I was working in sales and marketing for a graphics design agency, it wasn’t going brilliantly and we had just had our first child. I felt that I needed a job that was a bit more secure and simply paid more money.

A friend of mine was working in pharmaceutical sales, which seemed to be really taking off and I found myself really interested in the industry. When talking to the same friend about applying for a job at a certain company, he informed me that they were in fact a competitor of the company where he worked. With this, my friend managed to engineer an interview for me with the business that he was working for, perhaps preferring the idea of us being on the same team, and I got the job.

I fell in love with the sector almost immediately, it was a combination of nascency and freedom which particularly appealed to that ‘Entrepreneur’ in me.

We did very well and the business was sold to a company where I remained and worked with the team in London as a product specialist.”

What makes you different?

“The difference for me and by definition Aesthetic Entrepreneurs is our focus on people. Our vision is to inspire people to create beautiful aesthetic businesses, it’s all about inspiration. As a business, we tend to attract a very creative group of people and we focus on that human connection but also massively on relationship building, not only between ourselves and our clients, but ensuring that they are able to form strong, meaningful relationships between themselves and their clients.

We help our members to not be afraid of talking about themselves and putting themselves out there, to not be afraid of promoting their business, and to not be afraid of making money – you’re not taking advantage of people, you’re supporting your clients and helping them to solve their problems. Be grateful for that opportunity – that insight helped us to develop the model that we use, the Growth Model, which is made up of six effective steps: Goal, Plan, Culture, Community, Opportunity and Revenue.

When you have followed these proven steps, you have a business that is strong, stable, and BEAUTIFUL.”

What can you do for me?

“We help people by essentially surrounding them with everything they need.

I have built a team that is full of A-Players at the top of their game – which they need to be because we are very early in a project and process that WILL disrupt the UK aesthetics industry – which is not only ready for it, but needs it. The industry is under a lot of pressure from lesser qualified and lower-priced individuals and we simply need to ‘change the game’.

Before working on the business we have to work on the person.

Our clients are experts in their field, they have a voice and people DO want to hear what they have to say. With their focus, drive and commitment, we help them to understand goals, motivation, discipline and maintaining consistency. This alone can transform a business.”

What’s your favourite part of the business?

“The transformation.

The business transformation comes from the transformation in the person. The opportunity to put value back into their lives is one of my favourite parts of the business. The transformative effect is huge, not just on the business, but on the individual’s whole life.”

What is the key to success?

“We help you to face your fears, and work with you as a human being, as an individual, as a business owner, and as an entrepreneur.

I use the three resources; time, energy and money. You also need creativity, to drive your business forward.”

“We help people to think and act like the entrepreneurs that we all are. People want to work with us because by thinking and doing just that, you build a business that has much more longevity, that’s more fun, that’s less stressful, that’s exciting and inspiring. It’s you in business form.”