Stevie Potter, GB Triathlete, Dentist and AE Performance Mentor

How did you discover Aesthetic Entrepreneurs?

I assumed I’d hit the glass ceiling. I assumed at 25, that that was going to be my life forever. I was doing run of the mill dentistry, making a comfortable living and dabbling in the occasional Botox client. I decided I needed to have a logo for my brand of aesthetics and that’s when I found Richard advertising AE. I knew this group wasn’t like anything else I’d ever encountered before. There was camaraderie unlike anything I’d ever known before. It wasn’t business, it was a new way of life. The launchpad programme suddenly opened my eyes and made me realise I wasn’t looking for a new logo, I was looking for a new life I never knew I needed. I haven’t looked back.

What happened?

Since I joined that group and the Launchpad programme I’ve left my unfulfilling 9-5, I work less hours for more money, I’ve launched and grown my own successful aesthetics and coaching business, landed a freelance aesthetics teaching post at one of the most prestigious establishments in the business, and have gained the experience to now work with AE as the Operations Director to make things “Slicker, better, faster”

I have a completely new outlook on life now.

When lockdown happened, I panicked a bit. I had just changed jobs, the income had been wiped out and I had no idea what we would do without my dental income and with my aesthetics business newly launched and not pulling in anything like what we needed to cover the bills.

Richard immediately came to my aid and helped me diversify my entire business.

What makes you different?

For too long, we’ve been bombarded with “marketing gurus” and “opinion leaders” who tell you to stack your clients cheap and high, who tell you that unless you’re fluent in latin and poker faces, you will not succeed in the industry.

Richard champions individuals, personalities and those who want to focus on helping people and improving the industry one transformation at a time.

What is your key to success?

My patients stick with me because of the hard work Richard and I put into my business together. I can confidently say, that all the success, confidence and goals I have achieved right now, are because of Aesthetic Entrepreneurs and I have there is no way I would be here without it.

I’ve learned to dream big, achieve bigger.

For almost a decade, I’ve been working my way up the triathlon ranks and juggling a busy life of studying, dentistry, and now running my own elite wellness clinic. My mission is to empower people to look, feel and perform like the leaders the world needs them to be.

That means looking at the very basics of being a human and ensuring that all the AE Performance clients have a rock solid, unshakeable foundation to build on, whatever their goals may be. I use my in depth knowledge of what it takes to go from happy-at-the-back finisher to Team GB triathlete, to all walks of life, to prove what a difference the basics really make.

You’ve got to eat well, sleep well, train well, to perform well, whatever the race is…