Growth Hacker

Growth Hacker

Starting off in Aesthetics can be really daunting, and

sometimes even if you've been in business for a while you just need a bit of a "kick".

AE Growth Hacker is an online programme, designed to help you get those all important early sales, and set the foundation for your journey with Aesthetic Entrepreneurs.

There are three approaches to “Growth Hacking”

🔥The first is about finding your niche — finding what you’re good at and what makes you stand out.

🔥The second is about creating content that answers your customers’ problems, boosts engagement and creates a good story to tell others about their lives.

🔥The third is about iterating on each approach until you end up with that “Sweet Spot” that solves your customers’ problems and draws in new customers.

Brand new to the aesthetics business?

There is no secret, the Growth Hacker approach works.

The secret is applying it in the right way.

Growth Hacker focuses on building products for one reason: to solve problems, and bring in money.

There is a simple rule - if you don't know how to do it, you can't do it.

Would you like me to show you how to get from 0-60, for less than £100?

Module 1 – Fundamentals and Foundation

Know where you are, so you know where you need to go.

Module 2 – Goalsetting/Strategy

Goal – Create Desire and Passion for your business. FOCUS and align your self with your vision and develop your ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET.

Module 3 – Content Creation

Culture – DEFINE your CULTURE with VISION and VALUES, and build your CONFIDENCE around content creation.

Module 4 – Campaign Strategy

Opportunity – Understanding your clients, knowing your CORE and creating the PROCESS to help you commercialise each and every OPPORTUNITY

The Growth Hacker is all about creating a solid 0-60 for your business, at the end of this course you’ll understand how to get new clients and retain them WITHOUT spending a penny on Ads.


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